Today, the Virginia Department of Education announced graduation and drop-out rates for the Class of 2022. At Goochland High School, 96.4 percent of students graduated on time in 2022, and 75 percent of graduates earned an Advanced Studies Diploma. 

“The important work of education professionals cannot be distilled down to a single number. That said, the graduation rate is one of the leading indicators of overall academic success,” Steve Geyer, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, said. 

 Goochland High School’s on-time graduation rate has been between 95 percent and 97 percent every year since 2014, one of the highest and most consistently strong in Virginia.  “Ultimately, the graduation rate is a cumulative measure of student learning and achievement from preschool through twelfth grade,” Geyer said. “Every GCPS team member plays a role in ensuring our students graduate on time and are prepared for success after high school.”

 Not only did 75 percent of students in the Class of 2022 earn an Advanced Studies Diploma, but 30 also graduated from the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School, 53 earned the associate degree in the division’s Advance College Academy, and 59 graduates earned the Early College Scholars Award for earning at least 15 hours of college credit while completing the requirements for an Advanced Studies diploma.

 The division’s 2022 drop-out rate of 2.2 percent is lower than the state average, but Geyer said the division is “committed to the pursuit of a graduation rate of 100 percent and a dropout rate of zero percent.”