Boundary adjustment

In preliminary feedback from families who have taken the GCPS Boundary Adjustment survey, two primary concerns have been raised by multiple survey respondents – whether existing students could be exempt from enrolling in the new school and transportation.  

Division policy on school attendance includes answers to both questions. Policy JC states that students who are rising fifth graders the year a boundary adjustment takes effect may choose to stay at their current school. Additionally, already enrolled siblings of those rising fifth graders – rising first through fourth graders – may also stay at their current school with principal approval. A sibling that has not enrolled in school before the boundary adjustment takes effect must attend the newly zoned school.

Transportation for students who choose to stay at their current school is not provided; however, families may take advantage of existing bus stop locations instead of driving their child(ren) all the way to school. The family member would be required to drop their child(ren) at the approved bus stop and must also pick up their child(ren) at the bus stop each afternoon.

The Boundary Adjustment survey has been extended and is open until April 1.  GCPS welcomes feedback and encourages participation. Issues raised in responses to the survey questions help the Boundary Adjustment Committee complete their work and make a final recommendation to the superintendent. Dr. Raley will recommend a boundary adjustment to the School Board in May with a vote on a final map in June.  Approved boundaries are expected to be in effect the first full year the new Goochland Elementary School is open.

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