School Health Services

Keeping our children safe and healthy at home and at school!

The mission of our comprehensive school health program is to maintain school health for all aspects of development so every student will succeed in school- physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

In order to accomplish optimal wellness, we must develop a strong link between parents, school, community resources and the school health clinics. The role of the school nurse includes the following:

  • Maintaining health records

  • Performing mandated screenings

  • Routine and emergency first aid

  • Illness assessment & follow-up

  • Infection Control

  • Environmental health and safety

  • Health education with students, staff and parent consultation

  • Medication administration

  • Case management of children with special needs

  • Emergency care planning

Please communicate any health concerns or new developments with your child’s school nurse.  Together we can help your child succeed!

Please click here to access our school health forms.

Family Life Education Goochland County Public Schools’ family life education (FLE) program is aligned with the Virginia Department of Education’s standards for FLE.  Students in third grade through high school have the opportunity to participate in FLE instruction.  Instructional objectives for our FLE program can be found through this link and match state standards.  Instruction is designed to promote parental involvement, foster positive self-concepts, and provide mechanisms for coping with peer pressure and the stresses of modern living according to students’ developmental stages and abilities.  Parents and guardians have the right to review the family life education program offered by their school division, including written and audio-visual educational materials used in the program.  Parents and guardians also have the right to excuse their child from all or part of the family life education instruction.  In fact, each school provides families an introductory letter prior to family life instruction each year, which includes an opt-out opportunity.  Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions related to our family life education program.