Goochland County Public Schools offers preschool programs at each of its three elementary schools.  There are two preschool classrooms at Byrd Elementary School: a Title I preschool classroom and a Virginia Preschool Initiative classroom, each serving four-year-old students.  Both Randolph Elementary School and Goochland Elementary School have Virginia Preschool Initiative classrooms that serve children who are four-years-old. The Title I and Virginia Preschool Initiative classrooms are full-day programs.  While eligibility criteria vary among programs, all programs are designed to ensure that students most at-risk for later learning challenges qualify for the programs. GCPS offers transportation to and from school for these programs as well.  If interested, please complete the application online

Additionally, we have a center-based early childhood special education program at Goochland Elementary.  Preschool children (ages 2-5) who qualify for special education services attend this program. Preschool children without disabilities also attend this program as role model peers.  Our early childhood special education program is a 4.5 hour program that runs Monday through Friday. Please contact our Preschool Specialist (Wendy Travis) at 804-556-5321 (ext. 3209) or via email at

If you have any questions about various preschool offerings, please call our Office of Exceptional Education at 804.556.5615.