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Goochland - Canvas for students

Canvas Parent/Guardian Directions, Tips & Tricks

To Begin:

• View this Introduction to Canvas video that takes you step by step through the account creation process and other useful features.

You need a PAIRING code:

Your child can generate a code through their Canvas (web version)

Create Your Account:

  1. Go to

  2. Create a free parent account.

TIP # 1: Customize Your Dashboard!

● Color code each child's course tile

● Rename each course tile with a nickname

TIP # 2: Adjust Your Notifications

● Account > Notifications and adjust to your preference

TIP # 3: Visit the Calendar

● View calendar events by week, month, or agenda list

● Icons indicate: 

Canvas icons - Event (calendar icon), Assignment (paper and pencil icon), Quiz (rocket ship icon), Discussion (chat bubble icon)

TIP # 4: Message a teacher

● The Canvas inbox allows you to communicate with teachers

TIP # 5: Download “CANVAS PARENT” App

Canvas Parent for iOS

Canvas Parent for Android

TIP # 6: Log in to CANVAS PARENT (iOS) (Android)

● Via Canvas URL (iOS) (Android)

● Via QR code (iOS)

TIP # 7: View Courses (iOS) (Android)

● The default view shows the course list and current grade

● Tap the course name for more information

TIP # 8: View the Calendar on the app! (iOS) (Android)

● The app allows you to see events and assignments for one student at a time.

● Multiple dots indicate multiple assignments or events

● Select the assignment to “Set Reminder”

TIP # 9: Set Alerts! (iOS) (Android)

● Manage alerts for your linked children [by clicking Manage Students > select student > adjust alerts] including:

○ Course grades

○ Missing assignments

○ Assignment grades

○ Announcements

● Then, view alerts (iOS) (Android)

TIP #10: Parent App for Phones Tips

What Parents Can and Cannot Do in the Parent App

*Thank you to York County Public School and Lunenberg County Public Schools for sharing resources.