Family Life Instruction in Goochland County Public Schools

Goochland County Public Schools’ family life education (FLE) curriculum was developed in partnership with the school division’s School Health Advisory Board (SHAB).  SHAB membership includes parents, students, health professionals, and school division staff.  Our FLE curriculum includes a portion of Virginia’s state standards, as well as standards developed locally by SHAB and our family life instructors.  The result is a FLE curriculum that better reflects the community of Goochland than simply adopting Virginia’s FLE standards as a whole.

Family life instruction occurs in grades 3-10 and is delivered, generally, by our school nurses and physical education teachers.  This instruction includes separating students by gender for certain portions of the curriculum.

Parents and guardians have the right to review the FLE program offered by Goochland County Public Schools, including written and audio-visual educational materials used in the program.  Parents and guardians also have the right to excuse their child from all or part of FLE instruction.  For specific inquiries about Family Life Education, families should contact their child’s school.

Please find below Goochland County Public Schools’ FLE “quick links:”

If you are interested in learning more about SHAB or being considered for membership, please contact Dr. Jennifer Waggener, Executive Director of Exceptional Education, at